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Our SmartHip™ Range of Primary Hip Implants


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SmartHip EXT

SmartHip EXT with Collar


The SmartHip™ EXT prosthesis is ideal for total hip replacement procedures.


The EXT follows the philosophy of Orthopaedic Innovation to offer clinically proven designs to our International distributors.


Designed in a conical wedge form with rounded edges in the proximal section, the prosthesis corresponds with both anatomical and biochemical requirements. This aids the retention and utilisation of the morphology of the intertrochanteric region which in turn provides rotational stability, self centring and a favourable zone for cementing. Tensile forces are therefore restricted to the lateral shoulder where the cement merely has the function of a filling material.


The tapered distal design helps reduce potential strains in the cement as compared to conventional stems and its lack of sharp edges is equally beneficial, avoiding the stress concentrations that may give rise to cracks in the cement. The cutaway at the end of the stem ensures pain in the distal part of the femur is also avoided and furthermore it permits a wide range of motion.


The SmartHip™ EXT prosthesis is also available with a collar, which is used with a distal centraliser of corresponding size for self centring the prosthesis inside the medulla to permit uniform thickness of the cement layer around the stem. Designed to provide anatomically precise fit, the presence of the broad medial collar together with precise calcar preparation provides excellent collar/calcar support for load distribution and cement pressurisation.


Both versions of the implant are manufactured from CoCrMo according to ASTM F75/ISO 5832-4 by casting, this alloy offers excellent biocompatibility together with high resistance to corrosion and superior mechanical strength.



Sizes Available:
Size (mm) Length (mm)

Product Code

(without collar)

Product Code

(with collar)

6 113.5 OI00283 OI00288
8 130.5 OI00284



135 OI00285


12 140 OI00286 OI00291
14 145 OI00287 OI00292



SmartHip™ EXT Instrument Set:

SmartHip EXT Instrument Set

Includes: T-Handle, Medullary Reamer, 4 Plug Introducing Adaptors (8, 10, 12 and 14mm), Plug Introducing Rod, Cement Pusher, Ruler, 3 Test Heads Ø 28mm (S, M and L), Repositioning Lever, Repositioning Lever with Synthetic Top, Repositioning Top Ř 28mm, Rasp Bar, Modular Rasp Handle, 5 Modular Rasps (6, 8, 10, 12 and 14mm), Orientation Handle, Stem Impactor, Stem Impactor & Extractor, Femoral Head Extractor, Curved Chisel, Straight Chisel, Gauge for Femoral Head.
Product Code: OI00293



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