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Our SmartHip™ Range of Primary Hip Implants


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SmartHip ZWY

The SmartHip™  ZWY is a high quality prosthesis with trochanter wing and is an uncemented stem which is easy to implant and anchor. Its conical shape in the antero-posterior and lateral planes, ensures anchorage not only in the proximal or distal part of the femur but on the entire portion of the prosthesis housing.


The ZWY follows the philosophy of Orthopaedic Innovation to offer clinically proven designs to our International distributors.


Manufactured from titanium alloy with a low elasticity modulus (Ti 6Al 7Nb) which complies with ISO 5832-11 enabling it to tolerate temporary deformation under stress, providing balance load distribution. this alloy is characterised as demonstrating excellent biocompatibility properties together with high resistance to corrosion and superior mechanical strength. In addition to increased osteointegration without the use of additional porous coatings, the SmartHip™ ZWY is given an extremely rough corundum finish guaranteeing an RA of 5-7µ.


SmartHip™ ZWY Instrument Set:

SmartHip ZWY Instrument Set




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